The Larson Household

Adventures with Lydia!

 photo 1_zpss0xtjluo.jpg

Lydia Larson: Cancer, Ginger, Athlete

It’s like 5p, and Lydia gets off work at 3p. Cool. She took a nap, and now she’s invited Edith over.

 photo Edith and Lydia_zpsgachobxd.jpg
(Edith’s this adorable little nerd/politician. What she really wants to do is become a scientist, but she’s gotta pay the bills until something in the science track opens up.)

Lydia’s giving her a hug, but her cell phone starts ringing. Lydia picks up the phone, and it’s this old guy she’s friends with. He’s discovered the hip scene downtown and wants to know if Lydia would like to come check it out.

 photo 13_zpstkd2bjqr.jpg
Of course, Lydia has to decline the invitation. (She just invited Edith over, she’s hanging out with Edith.)

 photo 10_zps0drghnun.jpg

“Sorry, Edith. I’m really popular with the elderly today.”

 photo 15_zpsfweuvt2l.jpg

As soon as Lydia hangs up, Old Guy calls her back just to chat. (Bless him.)
Unfortunately, Lydia has to hang up again; she’s hanging with Edith.
(Totally different old guy walking up the street.)

 photo 16_zpskj1suocs.jpg

Finally, some time with Edith. Look how adorable she is at the ballet bar?

 photo 4collage_zpsurdwdspq.jpg
Lydia cranks the cool jams, and makes dinner.

 photo food1_zpscjiy2sux.jpg
 photo collage3_zpsktghipmh.jpg
Food gets thrown, and it’s the funniest thing in the world! (Edith seems pretty amused as well!)

 photo feed_zpscyrqbvvk.jpg
Next, Lydia tries to offer up some of the food from her spoon, but Edith isn’t having it.

 photo whatevs_zpslabkykon.jpg
Apparently, she can have food hurtling at her, but God forbid you try a more direct approach! Got it.

 photo manners_zpsclzvj5vb.jpg
At that point, table manners go completely out the window…

 photo done_zpsowvt18oo.jpg
And with that approach dinner is quickly complete.

 photo dancingdishes_zpsnr4q0w6f.jpg
Lydia does the dishes, while Edith does a dance…

 photo dancekiss_zps30icrppj.jpg
Finally, Lydia joins in, (once the dishes are finished.)
But, she does have work tomorrow, so it’s not long before she has to say ‘goodnight.’

 photo smooth_zpstqn9hlel.jpg
Once Edith leaves, Lydia turns off the radio like the smoothest of operators…

 photo bedsleep_zps6wzr8ues.jpg
And, goes to bed.


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