The Ottomas Family is an actual mess.

Very brief look into the lives of some of the Maxis premades: (One of the very few EAxis families living in this hood.)

 photo BFFs_zpsrgh80alt.jpg
Sharla and Tommy are best friends, so at least they’ve had their cute moments.

 photo momcollage_zpsciq8xelh.jpgWow, mom. You should like, be a model or something!

 photo grandma_zpsxzwv6axe.jpg

Grandma seems to be in a lot of pain, (though it could be that she’s recovering from some extensive facial surgery)

(I usually avoid giving premades facial surgery, or at least total facial makeovers. But, the Ottomas family looks like EAxis made a bet on who could make the ugliest family to throw into the game. (without making it too obvious that there was ever a challenge, of course. Because, you can do some pretty scary stuff with the face of your Sims.)

 photo poorchild_zpspsa6aaj7.jpg Eventually, Tommy aged up. Now, Sharla can’t get up to bed, because he passed out asleep in front of the stairs.

 photo nanny_zpsaxmgc1s7.jpg
Clearly the family was in need of some help, so as soon as they were able to afford it; they hired a nanny.

The nanny nearly peed on one of the babies. And who says good help is hard to find?

 photo toddlers_zpszow4ynz3.jpg
The twins, Brian and Lindsey aged up into two of the most unfortunate looking toddlers one might come across, (without intentionally creating their toddler for the purpose of being ugly.) At least this family’s consistent. Poor things.


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