Have Fun Storming The Castle!

Hogwarts WIP

I seriously haven’t even been on my other hoods in weeks!

 photo 675ba2baa6d1ca117d19f2d818d50dd4_zpsq6pyrm9o.gif

(like two weeks, but weeks nonetheless (wow, I can’t believe that’s actually one word! Not something I write out a lot, apparently.)

Anyway… I’ve been super fixated on obsessed with this Hogwarts lot I’ve been working on.

The main focus has been the interior.

 photo HARUHI_zps4sbtvuyy.gif

(I seem way more into anime than I am. I’ve only seen the one. Two if you count Pokemon. And four if you count Studio Ghibli films.)


 photo Sims2EP9 2016-07-23 18-52-00-60_zpspzgkwnmc.jpg

There’s the not particularly impressive entrance hall stairs.

 photo entry_zpsmdeqqaio.jpg

First floor of the entrance hall. Here, we see both the door to the outside world, and the door to the great hall.

The Great Hall is ashamed of itself and doesn’t want to be looked at right now, but here it is:

 photo greathall_zpsjegouao1.jpg

It isn’t pretty yet.

But, here are some pictures from when it was a baby:
 photo snapshot_3db7c9eb_9ec20077_zpsvqkkocka.jpg
 photo snapshot_3db7c9eb_fec20144_zps5eikgcej.jpg
 photo snapshot_3db7c9eb_fec2011c_zpsf1x4qlux.jpg
 photo snapshot_3db7c9eb_5ec20133_zpsrngia884.jpg
Basically, the original was beautiful, but the remake hasn’t gotten their yet.
The Great Hall and the DADA classroom were originally their own lots, but now that I’ve decided to fit as much of Hogwarts as I can into one space… The new versions just aren’t done yet, basically. (I have a lot of pictures of those, but they were taken prior to my downloading FRAPS.)

But, moving on…

 photo dada_zps9kadr4pl.jpg

That is the current version of the DADA classroom. (also, has not been beautified yet)
You can see in the upper left hand corner that there is a person using a bed elsewhere.
(if I have any pictures of the original classroom currently save, I can’t seem to find them. And I’m too lazy to load that separate lot at the moment…)

(I had to move someone in temporarily to get a better idea of what it looks like when lights are turned on, and chairs are pushed in.)

 photo 2_zpsv3ej8qcp.jpg

The hospital wing! The place with the beds that people use in other pictures!

 photo 1_zpsk7bqvpnv.jpg

“Hallways, hallways, always, hallways…” (I have a lot of pictures of different hallways, but I figured the one was enough.)

Fun Fact: I used ‘moveobjects’ on that unicorn tapestry. Behind it, there’s actually and invisible door so that Sims can walk straight through it.

 photo stairs_zpsffu6tgn9.jpg
Moving staircases: (don’t actually move in game.)
I feel I should make it REALLY CLEAR. I did NOT make those walls. The walls were made by pegasaus at MTS. 

Nope! Apparently, walls are allowed to be included if/when I finish the lot!

 photo policies_zpsppiz6okn.jpg

(But, still I feel I should make it 110% clear that they were made by pegasaus, because not only do I have an abundance of respect for artists and creators, but my stair-room would not be the least bit impressive were it not for those beautiful walls. Four for you Pegasus!)

 photo 6fd5672d41eccd14b0a38a2a845b4e53_zpsseqe3ons.gif


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