Have Fun Storming The Castle!

Hogwarts WIP

I seriously haven’t even been on my other hoods in weeks!

(like two weeks, but weeks nonetheless)

The main focus has been the interior.

entryThe first floor of the entrance hall. Here, we see both the door to the outside world, and the door to the great hall.Sims2EP9 2016-07-23 18-52-00-60.jpg



Entrance hall: second floor

The Great Hall is ashamed of itself and doesn’t want to be looked at right now, but here it is:



But, here are some pictures from when it was a baby:


Basically, the original was beautiful, but the remake hasn’t gotten their yet.
The Great Hall and the DADA classroom were originally their own lots, but now that I’ve decided to fit as much of Hogwarts as I can into one space… The new versions just aren’t done yet, basically. (I have a lot of pictures of those, but they were taken prior to my downloading FRAPS.)

But, moving on…


Sims2EP9 2016-07-19 00-09-20-45dada3

That is the current version of the DADA classroom. (also, has not been beautified yet)
You can see in the upper left hand corner that there is a person using a bed elsewhere.



The hospital wing! The place with the beds that people use in other pictures!


loooong hall

I have a lot of pictures of random hallways, but I figured one would be enough.

Moving staircases: (don’t actually move in game.)
I feel I should make it REALLY CLEAR. I did NOT make those walls. The walls were made by pegasaus at MTS.  My stair-room would be nothing without those walls.




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