The Lady and the Unicorn

Not really Sims related, but I was actually REALLY excited about this!

Okay, so:
 photo 41_zpsen71eei9.jpg

2/5/16: This episode of Jane the Virgin premiered. Season 2, Episode 20 “Chapter Forty-Two” (all things you can see in the IMDB screencap above)

But, there was this one thing, one specific aspect of this one set/scene, that I was like SUPER excited about! But, I couldn’t find a picture online!

Fortunately, season 2 of Jane the Virgin is now available on Netflix, and I was able to take a screencap myself!

 photo Jane the virgin lady and the unicorn_zpss9ilrn6v.jpg

BOOM! See that tapestry? That’s a tapestry called ‘The Lady and the Unicorn’.

 photo Lady-and-the-unicorn-red-34-1_zpscnk2emf2.jpg

^See!!!  Super pretty! I love that tapestry, it’s a great tapestry!

But, you know where else you can see that tapestry!?!?!?

 photo HP Lady and the unicorn_zpsszmvbstj.jpg

It’s actually used as the wallpaper for the Gryffindor common room in the Harry Potter films!

 photo quirrel_zpsu193qe6u.jpg

(I hadn’t seen anyone else expressing their excitement about it, and somebody had to?)

(incidentally, I can actually bring this post back to a Sim-related place (though, I haven’t actually decided that this blog would be exclusively a Sim blog.)

Decat has actually made this tapestry into a set of four walls for The Sims 2. Full circle.



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