When Edith First Moved In!

Happenings prior to meeting and befriending Lydia. (there’s just a gap in time where I don’t have any pictures)

 photo Edith_zpsux2wh9wu.jpg

Edith Johnson: Knowledge Sim

 photo exterior_zpsbrswduic.jpg

Edith moved to town with the dream of becoming a scientist!

 photo maincollage_zpssmkimjkc.jpg
 photo bedroomcollage_zpsvovttxbc.jpg
And into the cutest little house, where she has done excellent job with the decorating!

 photo snapshot_647855cb_447871d7_zpsyefpcxbd.jpg
Unfortunately, no jobs in science were available at the time, so Edith had reexamine her options until something opened up. In the meantime, she would have to sharpen those brain muscles!

 photo snapshot_647855cb_04787433_zpsjtw3vloo.jpg

Soon, some neighbors stopped by to offer their welcome. Edith immediately cliqued with a woman name La Shawn. La Shawn must have really liked Edith as well,
“Hey, you’re cool! Here’s a computer!”
“Wow, I was just fantasizing about being able to afford a computer!”

(^That one picture in her room, it was actually taken after La Shawn’s generous gift.)

Such luck! When you meet someone, and they immediately give you a free computer, you lock it down!


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