The Wayne Household

Megan Wayne + ACR


Megan Wayne: Romance Aspiration, and generally cute (when she’s not making faces.)



Her brother called and wanted to hit the town, she was like, ‘yeah, cool.’ But, he couldn’t wait long enough for a car to pick her up, so she ended up going out clubbing by herself.


Peter Ottomas also happens to be hitting the clubs tonight, he likes what he sees. (which unfortunately is not the ring on his left hand.)


The two of them laugh at the DJ, with the bartender. “Lol, purple gym suits are silly!”


Peter uses their mutual amusement towards purple gym suits as an opportunity to introduce himself. “Hi, I’m Peter, we both laugh at purple gym suit-guys!”


Luckily, she ended up hooking with a different coat-wearing-rando. (One who wasn’t married.)


He had SUCH a great time!


So, he offered to set her on a blind date with a friend! (Which, she accepted.)


The friend turned out to be Goopy!



They also hooked up in the photo booth.


And he had something to offer her as well. (plus, he too shared her interest of laughing at people.)


After, making the most of her time out the house, Megan finally decided to go home.


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