The Luna Skirt (WIP)

Three Things I Love: Costumes, TS2, and the Harry Potter series.

Also, Sentate’s Pond Skirt.

Luna’s outfit from HBP is super cute, right? I’ve always been a fan of it, but I’m also weirdly into costumes.


I’ve got Meadow Thayer (at various ages) modeling the skirt from  H&M.


Which is worn with the Converse Chuck Taylor “Autumn Flower” Sneakers.



Meadow’s super psyched about this look!

It’s basically done, I just need to put tights on the TF-AF versions. (Which, actually only takes about two seconds to do, but I will probably procrastinate on anyway.)


Look at that cutie!


Hands down, my favorite townie. At any age, she’s so adorable!

Cat hats can be found here and here.


I’ve provided a big red arrow pointing to the hat. That’s what the page looks like when you click the first link. You must then click on the picture the arrow is pointing to.

(I’m just explaining because simple things like this confuse me)

The glasses can be found here.

(The accessories were acting as the lion hat and spectrespecs, in case that wasn’t clear.)

lol, Rose is totally the only one reading this.


It’s funny because it’s Gilders.


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