The Ravenclaws make plans


The Ravenclaws are starting to do better financially. They sold a bunch of their cabinets and counters, and Gilderoy and Dearborn both work (as slackers, but they work.)

With the increase in money, they were able to buy a table and chairs. Now they actually have a place to eat! Logic!


There’s still no way Lyla’s getting that telescope, though it is almost her birthday.
(Not in-game, of course. You can see from the picture above that she’s nowhere near transitioning into an elder.)

But she totally has a birthday coming up!


Because of Lyla’s birthday (and Xeno’s, which was the 16th), some of the Ravenclaws will be going on a trip!


It’s fall, so Three Lakes seems appropriate.

Unfortunately, planning a trip is expensive, so they’ll have to settle for a stay on the free campground (rather than staying in a hotel.)


Booking the trip set the household back to $55, but it’s Tuesday in-game and they won’t be leaving until Friday. Hopefully, they’ll be able to make a little extra money by then.

Gilderoy Lockhart camping in a muggle tent. This should be interesting.

“Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best”.  – The Chudley Cannons


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