Prepping for their camping trip

The Ravenclaws continue their struggle to make ends meet.

Omigod, Ravenclaws again!? Sorry.


The week started out fairly slow.


They were able to make use out of their new table and chairs.



Based on the pictures, you’d think cereal was all they ate. Cereal won’t start fires.


They really needed some money for this trip and had a pretty short amount of time to earn it.


Marlene and Dearborn went into the village in hopes of increasing their household funds.


The crowd seemed to be enjoying Marlene’s performance.


Unfortunately, she earned 0 tips.


Meanwhile, Dearborn took a shift as a barista, making a couple hundred simoleons in a short amount of time.


The shop received 0 customers during his time at the counter, but apparently the job did not pay on commission. (That or he’s just really good at standing.)


The time he spent just standing there brought the Ravenclaws up by $448.


Later, more junk was sold.

Some of the Ravenclaws had already sold their cauldrons and spellbooks earlier on, while others kept theirs. Between the entire household, they are now left with two cauldrons and three spellbooks.


Then, after Gilders and Dearborn returned home from work the next day, they earned some money as well.


The Ravenclaws all have jobs now, with the exception of Xeno (not sure what he’s waiting for, he doesn’t have money either.) Kingsley has the day off.


Speaking of work! The boys both got promotions! (Gilderoy as a gas station attendant? Really? This simply won’t do, he’ll have to quit.)

Also, Gilderoy brought a friend home! A friend called Remus Lupin!


Gilderoy loves his new friend SO MUCH he can’t stand it!

Remus Lupin is so lucky to have him! (Gilderoy Lockhart would love to be friends with Gilderoy Lockhart!)




Remus really isn’t a fan of the carpool. He just wanted to go home.


Gilderoy tries to say goodbye with a kiss on the hand, but Remus isn’t interested.


He leaves.


Meanwhile, Gilderoy’s real best friends are inside doing this (in a room that belongs to neither of them.)


And while we’re on the subject of friends, Jason Bones seems to be feeling pretty insecure.

He’s not the most popular of the Ravenclaws and he fears losing the two friends he does have.

Marlene and Diggle will have to make an effort to cheer him up this week.


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