Fantastic Beasts Posters


Fantastic Beasts themed posters for your Sims! Downloads below!

Download everything here, or individually below.


So, I’ve got this book.

And it’s got fun things! So I gave them to my sims!


NY travel post on the BV travel poster. 1926, The year Fantastic Beast takes place, (also the year Tom Marvolo Riddle was born.) Download here.


“You curse it, you cure it!” on the Freetime “Great Films Movie Poster”. Download here.


“The Blind Pig” poster on The It Poster (Teen Style Stuff). Download here.

[The Blind Pig is a speakeasy in NY, the entrance is disguised to look like an advertisement for lipstick, which comes to life if you’re recognized as being magical. You can read about it on Pottermore here.]


Here are a bunch of advertisements, including an invitation to join the New Salemers in saving America from witches on “Stick ‘Em Up Bulletin Board.” (The Sims 2 University)
Download here.


An advertisement for quills on The It Poster (Teen Style Stuff). Download Here.


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